Mike Turek Endorsement

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To all my fellow citizens of Scarborough,

I have a different take on this year’s 2015 election for the Scarborough Town Council.  I believe that this election is actually our first vote for next year’s budget, and we must be vigilant and careful as to whom we elect as the steward of our money.

It is no secret that the way that the current Town Council is comprised, that they have abdicated its fiduciary responsibility and avoided taking the utmost care of our tax dollars.  Since Tom Hall has become the Town Manager, the Town Council, along with his guidance, and their blessing, has enabled them to more than double Scarborough’s debt which now stands at close to $ 100-millon; and within the next year or two, the Town will be looking to add another $20-30 million dollars in debt as it seeks your approval for a new public safety building and an upgrade to the primary and middle schools.

We, the citizens of Scarborough, need responsible leadership and a conservative approach to fiscal responsibility, and there is only one candidate running for office who fits that bill…. MIKE TUREK.
Mike is the independent voice that this town needs. He has no ties to any town sponsored organization, and he is not predisposed to any particular group or special interest group. He is the voice that this town needs as a guardian of our financial future, and the man you can count on to try and utilize our tax dollars wisely.

I urge you to vote for MIKE TUREK for Scarborough Town Council.

Bob Rovner



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