to the website of SMARTaxes — Scarborough Maine Advocates for Reasonable Taxes!  The group is currently forming as a result of several years of real estate tax increases that have far exceeded the general inflation rate. And most of us do not understand why.  Although the Town and School Department make much financial information public, it is currently impossible for ordinary citizens to make informed judgments on the appropriateness of program and capital expenditures.

This group was inspired by a similar group in Saco, to whom we extend our thanks.

The Scarborough taxpayers’ group’s tentative mission, guiding principles and major activities are summarized below:


To provide and widely share information and analyses of Town and School finances and to advocate for tax rates that support excellent public education, provide quality public services and are affordable for all Scarborough residents.


  • We will value excellent schools and public services.
  • We will be non-partisan.
  • We will function as a highly participatory group, with a Steering Committee to oversee policy matters.
  • We will speak with a unified voice.
  • We will operate in a professional, cooperative and non-confrontational manner.


  • Understand the Town and School operating and capital budgets at the detail level.
  • Review and analyze all Town/School budgets in cooperation with appropriate staff.
  • Attend and monitor all Town/School public meetings.
  • Summarize and share our findings with group members and the public at large.
  • Encourage informed voter participation in all aspects of Town/School financial matters.

steering committee members

Bob Rovner, Co-Chair
Mike Turek, Co-Chair
Annalee Rosenblatt, School Budget Coordinator
Jonathan Tudor, Technical Coordinator

Please note: The above outline has not been adopted by the group and is subject to change.

Coming soon… a new way for Scarborough taxpayers to make their voices heard! Please join us! 

Email us at ScarboroughTaxes@yahoo.com or click the “Follow” button at the right.



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