Voters Reject School Budget at May 13 Referendum

On May 13, 2014, Scarborough voters rejected a proposed school budget of $42.5 million by a margin of 1,169 to 1013.  The $42.5 million dollar total expense budget represented an increase of 7.6% over the prior year’s budget.   In a non-binding question about the size of the budget, voters said the budget was:


Too high… 1,257
Acceptable… 516
Too low… 370

Voter turnout was about 14% (too low!).


School Report Cards ISSUED

scartax-rpt cdShortly after the vote, the State released its annual “report card” on individual schools within the State. There is some discussion as to the validity of the methodology behind the report cards, although they appear to be based on relevant and verifiable data (like proficiency test scores and graduation rates). Here’s how the three schools from Scarborough included in the ranking fared on an A to F basis:

Wentworth School: A (moved from a B)
Scarborough Middle School: B (moved from an A)
Scarborough High School: A (moved from a B)

Congratulations to the students, teachers and administrators for this strong showing!


Coming soon…  Reports and analyses of Scarborough’s School Budget.  Good stuff!



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