Are you feeling like it’s time you really got involved?  It’s not that hard!  Through the magic of email, it only takes a couple of minutes to let members of the Town Council and School Board know how you feel.  Just be brief and to the point.  And (recalling your mother’s advice) being polite and respectful is usually the best approach.  Remember, these folks only get paid $1,500 per year for this job — not enough to deserve a lot of abuse.

Here is the contact information for key Town and School officials. For Council and School Board members, the year in parentheses immediately following each name is the year in which his or her current term expires.

Town Council Members:
• Jessica Holbrook, Chair (2015), 883-4138,
• Edward Blaise (2015), 885-5087,
• Shawn Babine (2017), 274-0805,
• Jean Marie Caterina (2016), 730-4099 x6201,
• William Donovan (2016), 883-9168,
• Peter Hayes (2017), 730-3948,
• Katherine St.Clair (2014), 885-5633,

Town Officials:
• Town Manager: Thomas Hall, 730-4031,
• Town Clerk: Tody Justice, 730-4021,

Board of Education (“School Board”):
•Donna Beeley, Chair (2015), 883-3993,
• Christine Massengill, (2017), 885-1288,
• Christopher Caiazzo (2015), 883-6482,
• Jane Leng (2016), 510-1270,
• Kelly Murphy (2017), 883-9610,
• Jacquelyn Perry (2015), 883-2451,
• Jodi Shea (2016), 883-1516,

School Department Officials:
• Superintendent of Schools: Dr. George H. Entwistle, 3rd, 730-4100,

Write and submit a letter to the editor

You don’t have to be Ernest Hemingway or Danielle Steel to write a letter to the editor.  Anyone can do it.  Just be clear and concise.  Most newspapers limit letters to about 200 words, so don’t go overboard.  (And don’t forget to use spellcheck on your final version!)

Here’s how to submit a letter to the editor to the local newspapers:

The Current (Scarborough/CE/SoPo):

Online submission form under “Opinion” at

The Southern Forecaster

Send an email to                                                                     (LTE deadline is Monday at noon)

The Scarborough Leader

Send an email to:

Remember, silent citizens get the government they deserve.  So let’s all make our voices heard.



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