Letter to Town Council


Please read the following letter to the Town Council from Don Petrin.  Send an email to let the Town Council know how you feel about the budget vote by clicking on the link below:


Scarborough Town Council,

As disheartening as it was to witness the BOE’s complete disregard of the Council’s directive and wishes, their decision to embark on a counter-productive strategy, involving much mis-information, made it so much uglier.

Everyone saw firsthand, the information promulgated in the media, the deliberate strategy employed involving scare tactics and alarm related to bogus unnecessary reductions. Despite this inappropriate behavior, it  was dwarfed by the sight of children, some elementary kids, recruited to hold up signs at the polling place!!!! That, coupled with many news articles, and one in particular, depicted that the children will  “suffer” if a 6.8% increase is approved, was not only an insult to one’s intelligence, but it was repulsive. Council leadership can go a long ways to stymied this type of behavior going forward, otherwise, make no mistake, it will continue.

Please view this as an opportunity to stand up and express your discontent with the BOE’s approach. Let Scarborough know that this type of behavior is not acceptable, that this Council will not reward such behavior. Take steps to  discourage it. Send a clear message to the BOE both in WORDS and DOLLARS that buck stops with the Council, not the BOE. Thank you.




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