Vote No / Too High

Bob Rovner Appeals to Voters

Hello To All My Fellow Scarborough Citizens…

First of all I would like say “thank you” to all my fellow citizens who remain interested in the financial affairs of Scarborough by following SMARTaxes, and Concerned Taxpayers of Scarborough (on Facebook)…. We all very much appreciate your input, interest and support throughout the year.

This next school referendum vote that is coming up on July 7th is critical for all of us. We, the citizens of Scarborough are still faced with a 6.8% increase in the school budget which when coupled with the municipal side once again brings our annual overall budget increase to just under 5% … This is on top of, since 2011, year after year, through 2015, the already accumulated 28.8% tax increase.

When is this going to stop?

We, the citizens of Scarborough, together, are the only ones who can bring sanity to the financial structure of our community…. We seem to be the only ones who have the best interest of all Scarborough residents at heart and it is up to us to let The Council and Town Manager know that we are unhappy with the way they have been handling their fiduciary responsibilities… At this time, the only way we can get this point across, and have our tax increase brought down below 4% (or lower) is to ……


Please keep in mind that is very important to mark your ballot TOO HIGH in the comments portion of your ballot….. This is the criteria The Council will be looking at when they to define the public’s vote.

Thanks again for doing your part to help keep Scarborough taxes down as low as possible,

Bob Rovner

PS: here are a couple things the town and the boe does not want to talk about…
**within the near future, the boe will bring forward a plan to renovate the
primary schools, as well as the middle school, to the tune of costing the
taxpayers of Scarborough $15-20 million
**within the near future, the town will bring forward a construction plan for a
new public safety building… this will cost Scarborough taxpayers about $10-15- million.
**the Town of Scarborough currently has $100-million in debt.



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