Thumbs Down to BOE and Town Council by the Current


From the Current’s editorial page…..What does the Scarborough Current think about the school budget proposed by the Board of Education and endorsed by the Town Council?  Read this excerpt from their editorial page to find out.

Thumbs DOWN to the Scarborough Town Council and School Board for foisting upon taxpayers a budget that increases total spending by about 6 percent. Here’s hoping all Scarborough homeowners also enjoy a 6 percent wage increase to help pay their tax bill. Either that or they should reject the proposal at the polls June 9 and force their leaders to come up with a proposal more in line with reality.

To read the full editorial of thumbs up and thumbs down in the latest edition of the Current, click the link below:


3 responses to “Thumbs Down to BOE and Town Council by the Current

  1. There is a difference between wants & needs. It appears there are a lot more wants than needs being met in our town. These wants are not within anyone’s budgets & the property owner’s cannot keep paying for all of these wants that are shoved down our throats continuously. My suggestion is to make a realistic budget, not “I’m going to win the lottery” budget !!!!

  2. The town has a couple on labor negotiations coming up, lets hope they keep any increase in pay to the cost of living, with no increase in benefits, and no step increases for the life of the contract, and not a 6% increase.
    This should apply to all town and school contracts.
    We have to start trimming some place.

  3. Tommy Thompson

    I have lived in Scarborough nearly 18 years and I have never seen, that I can recall, a school budget not being passed. Those who vote almost as a block are anyone connected with the schools, supers, teachers, staff, folks with students in schools, companies that sell to the schools, anyone who will benefit from those huge annual increases, which by the way, surpass any colas that some MIGHT get. School budgets remind me of what the feds do. If at first it does not work then throw more of our hard earned tax dollars at it. I wonder how any of us from the old school,no pun intended, managed to work ourselves up into well paying jobs without all the fancy frills that apparently the school officials believe they need. Vote no on this outrageous school budget.


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