Open Letter to Public Officials


Please Read Bob Rovner’s letter to our Town Councilors and School Board Members

Please note my following concerns below…
Charter Commission:
I am respectively requesting that the Council pass a motion to re-establish the Charter Commission at this time. as of now this Commission is only required to meet once every 10 years, we have approximately 7 years to go until the next scheduled and required Commission.  In my opinion, this is way to long to
wait. If you choose to wait, most of you will be out of office by that time, thus resulting in minimizing the accomplishments i am sure you hope to bring to this town. I would think you would want your legacy to read in another way.
With the way that this town is growing, and the problems that it faces, the length of time between Commissions has become antiquated, and way out of date. There are just too many issues that need to be addressed at this time and items that need to be clarified. The town should not be waiting while the clock goes tick-tock.
As you know from my statement the other night I do not believe that the computers that the BOE would like to obtain should be considered as a Capital Improvement. By doing so, in essence, the BOE will be getting an additional 1-million dollars without having any effect on their budget. And as we go forward, this burden (annual and otherwise) will continue to fall solely on the municipal side of the town budget, and not effect the BOE.
The purchase of the computers is not an after-thought. the BOE should have been preparing for this for sometime, and adjusting their budget requests accordingly. They have not done this, even though they have been researching this issue for 2-years. The BOE tells us all that this
situation is too complex for us mere mortals of the community to understand, but when they say that they are not only talking to us out here in the community, they are talking to you on
the Council as well… so much for mutual respect.
The fact that a parent can stand up before the Council and demonstrate the continued use of out-of-date text books, and blame the Council and the taxpayers for that matter, is ludicrous.  This responsibility lies solely on the shoulders of the BOE, as they are the one’s who control
how their money is spent, not the Council, and the public should constantly be made aware of this.
In my judgment, the cost of the computers lies solely with the BOE and for them to have presented this request to the Council as a Capital Improvement is surreptitious at best, as they have extracted the need from their educational requirements, thus thrusting this burden on the Council and in doing so, they have buried this request along with other items that are legitimate Capital Improvements.  Basically, they have hidden this from the public, while they gain a 1-million dollar exemption from their budget.
If you, the Council, do not choose to “kick” this expense back to the BOE, defining it as being their budget responsibility, then the very least i believe you should do is to present this item to the public as a stand alone referendum, and let the public make the decision as they become aware of what they are voting for and its ramifications…. after all it is their money; but to “hide’ it in the Capital Improvement
portion of the municipal budget is something that borders on being unethical, but certainly does not fall under the heading of sincerity and transparency. The taxpayers of this town deserve to know the truth and
what they are actually paying for… anything less is just unacceptable.
The taxpayers of this community are going to pay for this one way or the other, your goal is to make sure that the “hurt” placed on their shoulders is minimized as much as possible for now, and in the future.
Thank you for taking the time read this note.
Robert Rovner


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