SMARTaxes Endorsements — PLEASE VOTE on November 4!

Our endorsements…scartax-Voting-booth

For Town Council:

The SMARTaxes Steering Committee met with all seven candidates for Town Council and had good discussions with all seven.   Based on our understanding of each candidate’s position on the financial issues affecting Scarborough taxpayers, we are endorsing two candidates:


We believe Peter and Liam share our concerns about the affordability of Scarborough’s tax rates, the current high level of the Town’s debt and a process that often seems to minimize citizen input.  Please consider voting for them. 

You may vote for up to three candidates for Town Council.  Although some of the other candidates appeared to be at least partially supportive of our goals, we were not able to identify a third candidate who we believed would work diligently to represent our views.  (Note that you may choose to vote for ONLY Peter and Liam.  For a succinct discussion of so-called bullet voting, click this link.)

For Board of Education:

SMARTaxes co-founder Michael B. Turek is a write-in candidate for the Board of Education!  Mike will bring a much-needed practical and fiscally conservative voice to the Board.


Referendum Questions:st-ref 1

st-ref 2

Please note that this is just a summary of our endorsements.  For a much more comprehensive review of the candidates and issues, please refer to the current issue of The Observer, the SMARTaxes Newsletter (click here).




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