FY15 School Budget Approved

The results of the Scarborough School Budget Validation Referendum held on Tuesday, June 10, 2014:

Yes: 1,598    (53.1%)

No: 1,413    (46.9%)

Too High: 1,446    (48.8%)
Acceptable: 565    (19.1%)   
Too Low: 953    (32.1%)

Although the budget was approved by the voters, the number of voters who said it was too high was 48.8%, indicating a very high degree of discomfort with the budget.  That level of voter discomfort may well grow next year after we have had an opportunity to educate the public about what is in the School budget.  For instance, we wonder how many of those voters who said the budget was either acceptable or too low realized that total School expenses in the now-approved budget are increasing 6.8% over last year’s budget level…

We added lots of new members!

Twelve of us took turns staffing a table at the High School gym yesterday and had an opportunity to chat with voters after they voted.  Many folks saw the words “Sensible Taxes” on our sign and came over anxious to speak with us.  We heard many variations on several common themes — “we’ve lived here all our lives and the tax increases have been so high that we’re considering moving,”  “where are all these tax dollars going?” and “don’t Town leaders understand that taxes have to be affordable?”

More than 200 Scarborough voters joined our mailing list!  We welcome them to the growing number of taxpayers who want to understand just where their tax dollars are going.  And also want a say in where those dollars are going.  Now it’s our job to increase public understanding of the Town and School’s financial operations.  Thank you for joining us in that effort!


scartax-coming attractions



We have been working on a new name for this group — one that will be instantly recognizable and will immediately convey our message.  Stay tuned!



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