COMING SOON… a new voice for the taxpayers of Scarborough, Maine


Hello, fellow Scarborough Taxpayers!  We are hard at work forming a group of citizens dedicated to making it possible for you, a mere mortal, to understand the Town’s budget process.  And to find out what those ever-increasing tax bills are paying for.  Then it’s up to you to decide if that’s where you want your hard-earned dollars to go.

We don’t have an official name yet.  (If you have a suggestion, don’t be shy… suggest it.)  And we’re still working on putting together an organizational structure.  But it’s not too early for you to join the party!


We are pleased to announce

our Town-wide Kick-off Public Meeting!

WHEN:    Tuesday, June 3, 7pm

WHERE:    St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, 350 U.S. Route 1,          Scarborough

WHAT:     Join your fellow Scarborough taxpayers to hear our plans for the new group.  And tell us your concerns about the Municipal and School budgets and their impact on real estate taxes.  And share your ideas with us!

Please come!  Bring a friend!  Bring several friends!  We look forward to seeing you there!

Email us at and we’ll keep you in the loop as we get organized.   Let us know if you’re willing to help.  Join us in working for sensible real estate taxes in Scarborough!



6 responses to “COMING SOON… a new voice for the taxpayers of Scarborough, Maine

  1. Have similar concerns in Gorham and would like to be kept informed. Unfortunately we have a major enemt here on June 3rd.

    • Thanks for your interest! Certainly the concerns we’re experiencing in Scarborough are not unique. We’ll do our best to keep everyone informed of what’s happening here via email and public meetings. Also, by clicking “Follow” on this website, you’ll get an email any time we update the main page. That’s the easiest way to keep up-to-date.

  2. Good morning, I plan to attend your meeting on the 3rd. See you then!

  3. the reduction is an insult. I will vote no again, and will keep voting no until the taxes come to where they were asked to be.

    • The entire process appears to be flawed… both sides seem to agree on that. How is it possible that we can have essentially the same train wreck EVERY YEAR like clockwork? After the final budget number is arrived at this year, perhaps Town and School leaders should get together and have a frank discussion about next year’s budget PROCESS. Aren’t we smart enough to design a process that avoids budget games, inflammatory rhetoric and ill will, while arriving at a sensible School budget?


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